Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help please contact us.

Terms of Use

What are the terms of use?

We love small businesses at the Doodle Letter Store! which means that all of our products have a Commercial License for Small Business Use. This means you can use the files as they are or modify them to create physical products for personal use or for commercial sale on physical products. The designs are also approved for creating and selling transfers. You cannot resell or redistribute the images in digital form in any for— We also do not allow big commercial use so don’t upload them to a POD marketplace like Zazzle or any other 3rd party printer.

Please Note: The terms of use for commercial use designs are limited to products with no existing trademarks relating to the purchased designs. While we try to stay diligent in checking our designs for trademarked phrases, some may slip through or be registered any time after the design has been created for sale. Please research your text and design trademarks. In the event of a dispute over your products and the trademark holder, The Doodle Letter Store will not be held responsible, as we do not delegate which products the purchaser uses the purchased design on, for sale or profit.


How do I download my files?

All purchased designs will be accessible for download on the payment completion page following checkout. A copy of your downloads will also be sent to you through email.

Please be aware that in order to access your downloaded data, all ZIP folders must be fully unpacked or unzipped.

File unzipping instructions for Windows computers:

1. Right-click the ZIP folder you just downloaded.
2. From the pop-up menu, choose Extract All.
The file will immediately be unzipped and placed in the same folder as the ZIP file that was downloaded.

Using a Mac to unzip files

1. Double-click the ZIP package you downloaded.
2. The file will immediately be unzipped and placed in the same folder as the ZIP file that was downloaded.

How to open a zip file on an iPad or iPhone

1. Locate the downloaded ZIP folder by opening the Files app.
2. Click the ZIP file.
3. Your files will be placed in a folder.

I purchased the Google Drive from etsy, how do i access my files?

New files will still be added to the google drive and dropbox links you received when purchasing. If you have any questions please reach out to me via email me@tarasparkes.com

Can I sell digital downloads using your canva frames and doodle letters?

You can NOT sell alphasets or monogram sets using our monogram and doodle letters. If you use our premade doodle letters as apart of another designs you can sell them digitally as long as the layers are flattened and the elements cannot be exported.

What is the digital refund policy?

Once a product has been downloaded we can no longer offer a refund.

How do i edit my design?

You may need to use your prefered design platform depending on your purchase. Although there are fantastic free alternatives like photopea.com, I personally prefer Canva or Photoshop. Please make sure you are familiar with using one of these services as we do not provide design training or guidance.